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Acquired by I. L. P.
    The Whitehaven Branch of the I. L. P. recently acquired the Old Mission Hall in Charles Street, formerly carried on by St. James Church, and many years ago used as a Baptist Chapel. The old building,  which will accommodate between 350 and 400 people was, after certain negotiations and formalities necessary in connection with the deeds, purchased from the trustees on advantageous terms, and has been under going necessary renovation and repair.
    A committee, with Mr. E. MURRAY, secretary of the local I. L. P. Branch (who will have charge of the mission) has been appointed to carry out the preliminary arrangements for putting the scheme into operation.
    It is intended to use the mission for social work amongst the young people and others, not only in St. James Ward, but those in other parts of the town, who may desire to participate in its amenities. It is proposed at the outset to organise a Guild of Youth, a Rambling Club, a sewing class, the object of the last named being to make clothing for needy people. Arrangements are also being made to establish a small library, and, it is hoped, as circumstances permit, to have a Sunday School.
    In the meantime the committee propose to make special efforts to raise the necessary funds to meet renovation and other expenses entailed in connection with the undertaking. Services were conducted in the Mission on Sunday by Mr. T. PATERSON, who was formerly at the Sailor's Rest and afterwards started the Central Mission in Strand Street.