The funeral of Mr. Isaac Clarke SWINDLE, the Keswick R. U. player, who died in Keswick Hospital at the age of 32, took place at Keswick, St. John's Church on Saturday afternoon.
    A service was held in the Congregational Church, conducted by the pastor, the Rev. J. B. CLARK, B. A., who also read the committal service. In church the hymn, "Jesus, lover of my soul," was sung.
    Twelve of the playing members of the Keswick R. U. team acted as bearers, the match with Whitehaven and Keswick having been cancelled to allow them to attend the funeral. There was a large attendance of Keswick R. U. Club members and supporters, including the president, Major J. A. OGLETHORPE; Mr. J. TEMPLE, ex-president; Mr. T. WOOD, hon. secretary and treasurer.
    Mr. SWINDLE played forward for Keswick R. U. team for twelve years, and was captain last season (1931-32). He was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John SWINDLE, Keswick, and was a mason by trade. He leaves a wife (nee Miss. Florence GRAHAM, Workington) and two young children.
    The principal mourners were
Mrs. SWINDLE, widow;
Mr. and Mrs. SWINDLE, Keswick, father and mother.
Mr. and Mrs. J. COUSIN, Keswick, sister and brother-in-law.
Mr. and Mrs J. SWINDLE, brother and sister-in-law.
Mr. T. SWINDLE, Keswick, brother
Mrs. SMITH, Threlkeld, aunt
Mr. and Mrs. FOSTER, Workington, aunt and uncle
Mrs. TAYLOR, Keswick, aunt
Mr. and Mrs. GRAHAM, Workington, mother-in-law and father-in-law.
Mr. and Mrs. CLARK, Workington, Uncle and aunt
Mrs. HANCOX, Workington, sister-in-law
Mrs. FISHWICK, Blackpool, sister-in-law
Mr. and Mrs. W. FOSTER, Workington, cousins
Mrs. T. RIGG, Keswick, cousin
Mrs. J. TAYLOR, Keswick, cousin
Mrs. T. TAYLOR, Keswick, cousin
Mr. J. COUSIN, Nenthead, cousin
Mrs. BARTON, Penrith, cousin
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew CLARK, Maryport, uncle and aunt.
    The wreaths were from his loving wife and children;
father, mother and family; Aunt Janey and family; Aunt Belle and family; Charlie and Ethel, Workington; Jack and Minnie, Blackpool; Keswick R. U. Club; Keswick U. D. Council Workmen; all neighbours at Banks Place; Aunt Emma and family;  Aunt Sarah Agnes and family;
Mr. and Mrs. LONGMAN and family
Thompson and Annie
cousin Stanley and Reuben
cousin Harold and Bessie
Aunt Jane and Uncle Jack
Mr. J. and Mrs TEMPLE and Norman
Uncle Arthur
Aunt Fanny and family, Newcastle
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. DENT, Keswick
Mr. and Mrs. MacBEAN and Miss. HUNTER
Mr. and Mrs TAYLOR, Keswick
Mr. and Mrs THWAITE, Keswick
Mr. and Mrs. F. COWPERTHWAITE, Keswick
Mr. and Mrs. J. MILLS, Brigham
Mr. and Mrs. THWAITE, Bungalows
Mr. and Mrs. PEET, Keswick
Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSTONE and Mrs. VINNING, Keswick
Mrs. PEPPER, Keswick
Mr. and Mrs. T. TAYLOR, Keswick
Mrs. GALLAGHER, Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. CORAH, Keswick
Mrs. J. OLIVER, Keswick
Mr. and Mrs. RIGG, Keswick
Mr. and Mrs. EDMONDSON
Mr. and Mrs. JACKSON.