Horse Racing and Boxing at
    To-morrow, Thursday is an outstanding date in the sportsman's diary at Cockermouth where, in addition to the annual Point to Point Steeplechasing  in the afternoon, the light-weight boxing championship  of Cumberland will be decided at the Drill Hall, with Peel BELL, of Carlisle, and Jack RIGG of Cleator, as opponents. RIGG is the present claimant to the title.
    Yesterday (writes "Jubilee") it was extremely doubtful whether RIGG would be fit to appear, as he has been suffering from a torn muscle in his arm and shoulder since he defeated Tommy BOOYLAN at Barrow three weeks ago. RIGG however, has yet to disappoint the public by not appearing, and being curious to know how he was going to fulfil this engagement in view of his injured shoulder I spoke with him on the question over the phone last evening.
    "Yes, i am afraid it is correct," said the boxer, "that I have been far from fit since the fight at Barrow, but I was examined this morning and the shoulder seems to be on the mend at last, should be all right by Thursday."
    "Yes, you can let the Cockermouth enthusiasts know in to-morrow's 'Times' that I will not let them down. I'm coming through."
    So that's that. Some weeks ago when I suggested in the "West Cumberland Times" that BELL and RIGG, the county's outstanding light weights, should be matched at Cockermouth, I predicted that if the meeting could be arranged there would be a crowded house. I believe that I will be neither disappointed in the attendance nor in the quality of the RIGG v. BELL clash. On Saturday BELL fought a draw with Terence BUCK, of Glasgow, at the Drill Hall, Carlisle.