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    The class was favoured on Sunday with a visit from the Rev. W. J. BOWDEN who took for his subject, "The joy of Christ."
    He said Jesus Christ was not such a sorrowful and mournful person as He had often been depicted. His sufferings had been so much stressed that it was sometimes forgotten that joyfulness was one of His characteristics. Christ radiated joy and gladness. The note of joy runs throughout His teaching, and His whole life bears witness to the deep and irreproachable joy within Him.
    There were many reasons for His joyfulness. He had the joy which comes from service. Always, the happiest people in the world are those who are doing most for their fellowman. Then, He always looked for the best in mankind. He did not ignore the ugly facts of life, but He did not dwell upon them. He saw the infinite possibilities in man. Again, Christ had a clear conscience. "He was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sin." He knew the will of the Heavenly Father, and He lived in harmony with that will. Moreover, He had a sublime and invincible faith. He trusted implicitly in His Father, hence was not at the mercy of circumstances. No troubles or trials could quench the joy within Him.
    Christ, he said, would have all men to be joyful, but, let us remember, that deep and abiding joy can only be found in these sources, which gave satisfaction and happiness to Him.
    The address was much appreciated.