Shortly after six o'clock on Saturday evening a motoring accident occurred at a point in the Wigton district where the Carlisle to the Cockermouth and the Wigton to the Penrith roads meet.
    Mrs. BROSTER, of  of Brampton Road, Carlisle, was driving a car from the direction of Cockermouth towards Carlisle, when she came into collision with a motor cyclist, John BELL, of Moor End House, Aspatria, who was travelling towards Wigton from the Penrith direction. Both vehicles were damaged, but no personal injuries were sustained.
    A very high south-west wind prevailed on Saturday when the Workington Model Yacht Club held their race on the reservoir, and constituted a severe test for the small craft, which weathered the gale admirably, though the final of the fifteen ton class had to be postoned when heavy rain came on.
    The final will take place next Saturday, when the following will run off the final: - Mavis, Elsie, Black Cat and Comet. There were 11 entries in two classes.
    Commodore Mr. A. V. HANNAH adjudicated, and the result of the 25 ton class was: -
1. Mr. J. ROTHERY's Jester of Whitehaven
2. Mr. T. SHARP's Fleetwing, of Barepot.
    Joseph LITTLE, 10, Yeowartville, a Workington Corporation workman had a narrow escape when the horse he was driving bolted near the Cricket Field on Monday morning.
    Unable to control the animal LITTLE jumped off the cart, but fell, and the wheel passed over his leg and shoulder. He was taken to Dr. FLETCHER's surgery and then to the Infirmary, where he was detained.
    The same horse bolted two months ago, and the driver (not LITTLE) had a leg broken.