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SIR R. C. MUSGRAVE, Bart., has, with the usual liberality manifested at Eden
Hall, sent £10 to the Vicar of Kirkoswald, to be distributed among the poor
of that parish.


The CUMBERLAND FOX HOUNDS will meet on Monday, Ja

                                            .......A SCENE AT ALSTON.
On Friday afternoon last, MR. WILLIAM TAYLOR, solicitor, Hexham, and MR. BELL, Galloway, as the agents of the Countess of Derwentwater, arrived at Als...
Dear Public, lend me your ear,
I have a tale to tell, which you must hear;
Be gracious, then, your time I will not waste,
Nor by a word that’s false offend your taste.
My subject is not classic, byt tis better,
Because’tis true, true to the very letter.
The bodies of a man, a woman and a child have been found in a  canal on the
outskirts of Sheffield. The woman has been identified as Lucy  Oldfield, and
the child, who was about 12 months old, is hers. She was a  domestic servant,
and had been out of...


The Commission of Winter Assizes for the counties of Cumberland  and
Westmorland, grouped as Assize County No. 1, was opened on Monday night by  Mr.
Justice DAY. His Lordship was timed to arrive by the train from London  reaching
Carlisle at twenty m...
On Tuesday last, chiefly through the exertions of Mr. H. BANKS,  the local
collector, and some ladies, a bazaar in aid of the Derby Railway  Servants’
Orphanage was held in the New Market-Hall, Whitehaven.

 The bazaar was opened by Mr. A. ENTWISTLE, dis...

Sir, - I enclose an advertisement which appeared in the last  number of the
(London) Guardian: -

“VICARAGE VACANT. - Misterton, in the County of Nottingham and  diocese of
Lincoln, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of York. Population  1700. Value
Yesterday afternoon, Dr. ELLIOT, coroner, held an inquest in the  Charlotte
Street Schoolroom, as to the death of Thomas LANCASTER, a boy of seven  years.
Margaret LANCASTER, the mother of the deceased, said her husband was a  
stonemason, and they h...
On Saturday evening last, a number of the farmers, neighbours, and friends of MR. JOHN DIXON, of the above farm, met at his house, for the purpose of presenting a purse of money raised by subscription in the n...




On Thursday evening, a meeting of the members of the Workington (Rugby and Association) Football Clubs, was held at the Royal Hotel, William Street, Workington, for the purpose of adopting the balance