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The usual monthly meeting of the members  of the above society was held on
Monday at the Presbyterian School-room,  Kirkby-street. The attendance of
teachers and scholars was above average, and  the attention bestowed on the various
parts of the program...

       The nomination of two candidates to represent the western division of
this county took place at Cockermoputh on Tuesday, the 13th July. There being
no opposition to the election of Captain LOWTHER and Mr. IRTON, of IRTON Hall,
the proceedi

THE ELECTION OF O'DONOVAN ROSSA.   --   At the declaration of the poll for Tipperary county, on Saturday, the sheriff's announcement of the return of O'DONOVAN ROSSA was followed by a display of great enthusiasm.  Neither MR. HERON nor any of his sup...
Cumberland Ship Building

       Mr. LAMPORT, the eminent ship-builder of Workington, is now about
engaging to build two splendid vessels at his yard in that town, one of 1,200
tons, and the other 1,000 tons burden. Messers PEILE, SCOTT & Co., of t...
Local Intelligence

       The Earl of LONSDALE has recently contributed the handsome sum of £
100 towards the re-erection of Cockermouth Church.


       Mr. LOWES of Scotch-street, in this town , was on Wednesday elected
Secretary o...
On Monday Dr. HARDWICKE held an inquiry at Chalk Farm Road as to the death  
of Elizabeth HALL, 31, wife of George Agustus HALL, a veterinary surgeon.

The evidence showed that the deceased had been annoyed by a report about  her
husband, which induce...
The ordinary monthly meeting of the members of the Local  Branch of the
Liberal Association was held in the Temperance Institute on  Wednesday. There was a
good attendance and a profitable evening was  spent.


The steam tug, which is to succeed...

(Before  the Mayor and T. MILBURN, Esq.)

Patrick RUSH was charged on remand with stealing a suit of  clothes belonging
to Martin CONWAY, on the 11th November last.

The prisoner was apprehended at Hexham. The Chief Constab



The "Workington Star" appears today for the first time, and takes its place with some pride as the only newspaper printed in Workington.

The "Star" will unquestionably supply a real want, and we pledge our word that so far as it is possi


On Tuesday  evening last, the first of the third series of  lectures for the
winter season was delivered in the George Moore Memorial Hall,  Mealsgate, by
Mr. Thomas THOMPSON, of Maryport. Mr. T. P. MARTIN pres...