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The Queen and Princess Beatrice and suite reached Windsor from the  Continent
on Saturday evening.


The Queen has conferred a baronetcy on Mr. A. ALLSOPP of Hindlip Hall,  late
M. P. for East Worcestershire.


Her Majesty has b


       Last week a lecture was delivered in London by Mr. MOSSMAN, for
several years a resident in Australia, on the subject of Australia and its gold
mines. Mr. MOSSMAN said that, knowing from experience how important it is to get
correct inform...
For some time the matter of lighting the Parish Church with gas on the Sunday evenings, was discussed not only in the columns of the newspapers, but elsewhere, and the result was, the scheme was properly sanction...
The Board of Trade returns of railway casualties, issued yesterday, show  
that during the past year the total number of persons killed on the railways was  
1038, and 8573 were injured, 500 of those killed and 1800 of those injured
being  railway se...

A writer in Wednesday’s Paris Figaro devotes three columns to  Mr. GLADSTONE,
in the course of which he says: -

“His father, a Scotchman, was a corn merchant, and afterwards  a ship owner
at Liverpool. The King knighted him. The son has not inherited


Farewell Words

Our Dublin correspondent telegraphs that the Duchess of  Marlborough has
addressed a letter to the distressed districts of Ireland,  written in English and
Irish, and dated Viceregal Lodge, Dublin, April  21.

Her Grace says before leavi...
A very worthy man, who evidently admired Mrs. Siddons, even in her  mature
widowhood, was asked by a friend why he did not propose and marry  her.

“Marry her!” he exclaimed, thinking only of the dignified and majestic  
creature he had seen in Lady M...

This match was played on the ground of the former on Saturday.  The game did
not commence until four p.m., owing to the late arrival of the  strangers. The
weather was all that could be desired, and the ground was ...


The "Workington Star" appears today for the first time, and takes its place with some pride as the only newspaper printed in Workington.

The "Star" will unquestionably supply a real want, and we pledge our word that so far as it is possi

On Tuesday morning last an accident occurred at the New Steel  Works,

 A man named Charles DIAMOND was engaged as one of the wagon tippers.  Some
of the wagons laden with earth were proceeding down an incline, when he  
attempted to uncouple ...