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The annual business and last ordinary meeting of the session took place  on
Tuesday evening, in the National School Room, Silloth. The Rev. A. F.  
SHEPPARD, Holme Cultram, in the absence of the president, occupied the chair.  There
was a fair attend...
There have been no arrivals from foreign ports this week. The vessels  
arriving coastwise with cargoes have been the:

 The Earl of Stair and Industry, from Port William, with pit  wood.

The Harriet, from Dromore, with pit wood.

The ss Swift and Shannon,...

OTTAWA, Wednesday.

A conflagration broke out to-day in Hull, situated on the bank  of the river
opposite to this city.

Eight hundred houses - forming half of the town - were  destroyed, rendering
40,000 p...
At the Birmingham Police Court, on Wednesday, John LLOYD,  Albert EVANS, and
Ada EVANS, were remanded for a week on a charge of stealing a  portmanteau,
with £800 worth of jewellery, from a train on the London and  Northwestern
Railway, between Birmi...

MALE INFANT FOUND.  An inquest has been held in the hamlet of Greenham, near
Newbury, on the body of a male infant found in a pond, wrapped in a portion
of a dress.  The result of a post-mortem examination showed that the child
had been strangled by


 At the Chester Assizes on Saturday, Samuel Little FORD, foreman at a  
Stockport Colliery, was charged with the manslaughter of Samuel POTT a  miner.

On October 2nd the prsioner was in charge of a firing party, when a shot  
missed fire, and...
CARTERS. - Wanted, Carters; constant work and good wages, at  Hotchberry
Quarries, Brigham.

-Apply to the Manager at the Works.


WANTED, at Term, by a middle aged person, a situation as Working  Housekeeper
to a lady or gentleman.

-Apply, M. M., ...

The Queen and Princess Beatrice and suite reached Windsor from the  Continent
on Saturday evening.


The Queen has conferred a baronetcy on Mr. A. ALLSOPP of Hindlip Hall,  late
M. P. for East Worcestershire.


Her Majesty has b


The conviction of Hugh GRANT for the willful murder of his child  at
Workington was a forgone conclusion. It was impossible for the jury to return  any
other verdict than the one which has produced such a profound sensation in  West
Cumberland. N...

After a long interregnum, the members of the Penrith Farmers' Club met on Tuesday in their room to hear a lecture by MR. LANCASTER, of Catterlen Hall, on "Our Farming Prospects".  MR. W. HESKETT presided, and there was a fair attendance of members.