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WORKINGTON STAR, July 6, 1888 / pg. 4 / News Items






Nothing has been done to abate the beck nuisance notwithstanding this matter engaged the attention of the Local Board some time ago.  It r



(Before R. RITSON, J. ADDISON, and J.  RITSON, Esqs.)

Thomas CARRUTHERS, of Camerton, was fined 12s for being drunk  and disorderly
and 40s for assaulting P. C. WATSON; and W. CARRUTHERS, Jas  BLACK, and F.
WALKER were fined 2





The French Government is about to build an absolutely unsinkable man-of-war.  This will be accomplished by the use of a product of cocoa-nut fibre, so elastic that if pierced, the hole closes of itself.




SINGULAR OCCURRENCE AT SEA.  -   MR. DOBIGNY, of the firm of DOBIGNY, RHETT and Co., Bahia, writes
"I arrived on the 25th November at Liverpool, after a most tedious and long voyage from Bahia, in the three-masted schooner "Seminole", CAPTAIN JOHN M...
On Sunday last two excellent sermons were preached in connection  with the
anniversary of the Primitive Methodist Mission, Grasslot, by Miss. Mary  RIDLEY,
of Prospect. The attendance at both services was large.

 On Tuesday the annual tea meeting was he...
Mr. Craig SELLAR, M. P., writing to his constituents at Jedburgh,  states
that the great measure of next session will, in all probability, be a  Local
Government Bill of a comprehensive character, for which there is more  necessity
in England than in Sc...
There is a certain man in this town whom I am going to lick  until he won’t
be out of bed for six months after, and I wasn’t to know what it  will cost

 So said a man who entered a Griswold - street law office yesterday,  and it
was plain to be seen...

KENDAL RIFLE VOLUNTEERS. - The annual returns from this corps for the year ending 30th November, shew the following as entitled to wear the marksman's badge: ....

                                                                400-600             ...

MALE INFANT FOUND.  An inquest has been held in the hamlet of Greenham, near
Newbury, on the body of a male infant found in a pond, wrapped in a portion
of a dress.  The result of a post-mortem examination showed that the child
had been strangled by



MUSGRAVE - At Duke Street, Penrith, on the 24th ult., MARY MUSGRAVE, aged 28

FALLOWFIELD - At 17, Middlegate, Penrith, on the 24th ult., the infant

SPEDDING - In Burrowgate, Penrith, on the 24th ult.,