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Election Petitions

       It is stated that a larger number of election petitions will be
presented in the forth-coming session than for a number of years, and that an
eminent Queen's counsel has already received twenty-five retainers. Derby,
Dear Public, lend me your ear,
I have a tale to tell, which you must hear;
Be gracious, then, your time I will not waste,
Nor by a word that’s false offend your taste.
My subject is not classic, byt tis better,
Because’tis true, true to the very letter.

MAXWELL-BAIRD - At 20, Belhaven Terrace, Glasgow, on the 20th April  1880, by
the Rev. R. ARMSTRONG, M. A., of St. Matthew’s Parish, and the Rev.  John
DOWNES, of East Kilbride Parish, Sir William MAXWELL, Baronet, of  Calderwood,
Yesterday afternoon, Dr. ELLIOT, coroner, held an inquest in the  Charlotte
Street Schoolroom, as to the death of Thomas LANCASTER, a boy of seven  years.
Margaret LANCASTER, the mother of the deceased, said her husband was a  
stonemason, and they h...
On Monday morning between ten and eleven o’clock, a child named  Henry
MORWOOD, eight years of age, and son of Henry MORWOOD, ironworker,  residing at
Gilmour-street, near Maryport, was killed at Collins-terrace by  being jammed
between a wall and the h...


We deeply regret to record the death, from fever, of the Rev.  J. Clifton
WARD, F. G. S., Vicar of Rydal.

For some years he was the head of the local Geological Survey,  in which
capacity he completed the i




For the STONE and GRAVEL.

Hac Medicina Viris Lapidis incidere prestat.

A medicine proved from a long Series of private Practices to be of the greatest Efficacy in giving immediate case ease in the most excruciating Fits...

A writer in Wednesday’s Paris Figaro devotes three columns to  Mr. GLADSTONE,
in the course of which he says: -

“His father, a Scotchman, was a corn merchant, and afterwards  a ship owner
at Liverpool. The King knighted him. The son has not inherited

Attendance orders were made upon the following parents to send their  
children regularly to school:

William DUGGAN


Catherine MILLIGAN

Ann FARLEY, Maryport.

Trader from London

The Robust Captain THOMAS, will leave Whitehaven in a few days for London. On
her arrival there, she will immediately load at Symon's Wharf, to return to
this port.
                      Notice will be given of her arrival o...