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THE famous MRS. BERNARD (from BERLIN in BRANDENBURGH) is possessed of an infallible secret for cleansing the teeth, and rendering them as white as alabaster, notwithstanding they may be as black as coal;  rema...


MELBOURNE, December 29.

The first cricket match between the English Eleven and Eighteen of Victoria
was commenced on the Melbourne Cricket ground on Saturday last.

The weather was fine, and the attendance on the ground very numerou

On the 27th ult., in Gandy-street, in this town, MR. GEORGE JOHNSON, cattle dealer, in the 41st year of his age.
On the 28th ult., in Stricklandgate, in this town, JANE, widow of the late MR. JOHN STRICKLAND, aged 76 years.
On the 26th ult.,...
The ordinary monthly meeting of the members of the Local  Branch of the
Liberal Association was held in the Temperance Institute on  Wednesday. There was a
good attendance and a profitable evening was  spent.


The steam tug, which is to succeed...
William James HOLLAND, (the younger), of Maryport, carter, was charged with  
having cruelly worked a horse whilst in an unfit condition, on the 6th of  
October last.

Mr. Frederick ROBINSON, Inspector of the Society for the Prevention of  
Cruelty to An...

THE CUMBERLAND PACQUET and Ware's Whitehaven Advertiser,                                 Tuesday,April 22, 1777

No. 132    3d. Week    VOL. III    4th Quarter     Price Three-pence

Where Moderation dwells, the Soul admits Distinct Ideas, and Matur'd De...

This joyful season has once more passed, and we hope the inhabitants of this parish have every reason to look back upon it with feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and satisfaction.  The spirit of liberality has again been manifested in a very prais

KENDAL FARMERS' CLUB........................part #1
The members of the above club met at their Club Room, Old Market Hall Chambers, to hear and discuss a paper on "Milk and its products" -  introduced by the president MR. WILLIAM HENRY WAKEFIELD, Sed...


On the 15th instant, the lady of the Rev. F. W. WICKS, incumbent of St.
Nicholas' Church, of a daughter.


On the 30th ult., at the Friend's Meeting House, in this town, Mr. Josiah
THOMPSON, of Moreland, near Penrith, to...


(Before R. RITSON, J. ADDISON, and J.  RITSON, Esqs.)

Thomas CARRUTHERS, of Camerton, was fined 12s for being drunk  and disorderly
and 40s for assaulting P. C. WATSON; and W. CARRUTHERS, Jas  BLACK, and F.
WALKER were fined 2